"Hi! I just finished watching Whitney's documentary! The DVD is powerful! I cried, and I laughed! I learned a lot about Whitney! Thank you and Studio Q! Love u Whitney."

"I'm speechless. Just wow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Tears and happiness. If you love Whitney Houston you have to get yourself a copy if 'for the love of Whitney' produced by @StudioQTV @4everTam & Emmanuel Lewis. Best documentary of Whitney Houston. NO NEGATIVITY BECAUSE WHITNEY WASN'T A NEGATIVE PERSON!! her talent is her legacy not lies and drama! Whitney Fans! You gotta see what Quencie has done! It's awesome"

Francine Alexander

July 9, 2013

Forest Park, IL


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Region Code: DVD 1

Studio Q Presents:

For The Love of Whitney

Studio Q recently completed a 100-minute documentary on Whitney Houston entitled “For The Love of Whitney.” This is a Fan-made project that grew out of frustration over the lack of positive portrayals of Whitney Houston in the media following her passing.  As fans, we were tired of Whitney being defined more by her struggles rather than her triumphs. So, we set out to create the Whitney tribute that we wished to see in the world.  9 months, 5,000 hours, and a successful Kickstarter campaign later, “For The Love of Whitney” was born.

“For The Love of Whitney” has truly been a labor of love to complete, but it was worth every effort.  We idolized Whitney growing up, and it has been a privilege to create something that honors her.  It is the best thing you NEVER saw about Whitney.


official website

Ryan LK

June 9, 2013

United Kingdom

"Ladies, love the DVD! A job well done! I laughed and I felt like crying too. And a special thank you to Mr. Emmanuel Lewis for his support of the project. I hope every fan get a copy of the DVD. Actually I hope the DVD reaches a wider audience because I believe this will be one of best documentaries about Whitney." – Pauline Gayle, June 24, 2013, Miami Florida

"I'm just now getting around to watching the DVD "For the Love of Whitney"' and I must say this documentary made me even MORE proud to be a life-long fan of Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston. The documentary captured the true essence of who Whitney was; a true woman of God with an anointed voice, a loving and giving heart, and a spirit that could light up ANY room. I cried, laughed and cheered as I watched the interviews of those that were blessed to have been in the presence of Whitney and knew her personally. There will NEVER be another talent in this lifetime like the incomparable Whitney Houston. She was a God-Given gift to the world. Thanks for creating such a beautiful project that I know not only us fans and Whitney's family and friends would be proud of BUT Whitney herself would be too!"- Rivers Dee, July 6, 2013

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this dvd. I am so proud to be a Whitney Houston fan now, then, and always! While it made me cry, it also solidified what we all already knew - she is the greatest female singer the world has known. Thanks for this. It's a true gift." –Tony Jones, June 29, 2013, Holyoke, Massachusetts

"For the Love of Whitney is by far the best documentary I have seen on Whitney! It focuses on who she really was, how she touched people, and what she could do with that voice! All Whitney Houston fans should see this. It is dearest to my heart for capturing the real legacy. So well done! a true labor of love by Quencie Thomas and Tam Anderson. Thank you!" -Kellie Greene Gellegos, June 7, 2013 Castle Rock, Colorado

"I love this, you guys did an awesome job. I am so glad to be able to back this project, and hope you sell a ton of copies of it. EVERYONE should have this DVD in their collection. Thanks again for taking on this project and doing such a good job at it."- Pamela Elder, June 10, 2013 Columbus, Ohio

“I first like to say thank you for sending me that DVD after you sent me that message about the DVD a long time ago. Luckily I was on Kickstarter after Spike talked about it on some TV show he was on. Thanks for the quick response love you Sis.” – Robert Stewart Jr, August 15, 2013, St. Louis, MO.

"I so enjoyed watching "For The Love of Whitney"!!!!! You did an excellent job on this documentary. It shows the love you have for "Our Whitney". Thank you! Thank you so much for creating this film! P.S. I'm happy I received my DVD so quickly!"- Cille Mahai

"I received the DVD. It was so much fun to watch. I hope all Whitney fans know about this and buy it. Without question the best documentary put together since her passing. Thank you so much. Was great to be a part of the Kickstarter for this project. You did her proud." - Denton Davidson, #KSBacker, August 12, 2013, Valley Village, CA

"When it comes to The documentary "For The Love Of Whitney", you've done a tremendous job. So well & beautifully put together and, like the rest of "us" who has seen & enjoyed it - I'll guess they went through the same emotional roller coaster as I did ~ I will definitely recommend The DVD to my friends and most sworn Whitney-lovers who's still finding it hard to accept the fact that "our" Angel has gone♥ Warm hug from me!" -Janne Sjolie, June 18, 2013, Oslo, Norway

"I got my copy in July, I laughed and cried and laugh and cried. I’m glad that studio Q did that. Whitney deserved all the love and respect she gave us so much but I wish she had been here to see the Love. Much Love 2 Studio Q!!!" - Jackie Ealom, July 20, 2013, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Q, i so much enjoyed my dvd.. (For the Love of Whitney) i done watched it 3 times already.. alot of touching moments, exciting moments, i laughed, i cried, i got mad also because such amazing women that once walked this earth aren't here anymore.. I misss her so much.. all the wonderful tributes and people speaking about her really let people know how she was and what she was about. I didn't ever get that chance to meet her but i felt like I knew her. I could feel her and since her personality.. She and i are somewhat in common.. I really got exited when you and her saw each other on the red carpet and when you were waiting to meet with her i think it was your first time... wow I was lmao.. Thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed this. This is a lifetime keep sake for me.." -Allesha Wolfe, August 27, 2013 Atlanta, GA

"Thank You so much i just receved my dvd. I CAN stop crying... Thank You so so much for your Time and énergie You put on." - Assa Macalou, June 13, 2013, Paris, France "Thank and god bless you for such a wonderful documentary for the love of Whitney I was in tears but happy tears to see and hear so much love all of the stars had for Whitney as well as we did you are the best god bless you again and hope to hear more from you soon" - Ronnica D. James, Maryland "I got my DVD. Its sooooooo wonderful!! Thank you for doing that for the true fans it means a lot." -@Mama2G_09 #Twitter #KSBacker

"@quencie @studioqTV The family is up this Sunday enjoying #ForTheLoveofWhitney | Great work! Missing her forever." - Najah Husser, August 18, 2013, Atlanta, GA

"Quencie Thomas, my friend, u and your friend should be absolutely damn proud of yourselves, that For The Love Of Whitney DVD, was Incredible, touching, loving, had me reminiscing, over the good times, and memories, and the way she affected us, I know she was touched, best documentary I see In years, much love to u again my friend, One Love, God Bless" -Karim Hicks Rockville, Maryland

"Your DVD is marvelous and such a professional,beautiful tribute to her. It was a real work of love." -Kim Anderson August 13, 2013, Ontario, Canada

"@quencie and @4evertam very proud of u two!! For the Love of Whitney was amazing!! You should be very proud! The hardwork paid off!" -Gerald Jones, Dagospeltruth July 29, 2013

"I finally got to watch For the Love of Whitney dvd and I can say that Studio Q did a great Job and I want to say thank you!! it made me laugh, made me cry and laugh and cry over again. I can hear the words of Tyler Perry saying:" We got to hear a part of God every time Whitney sang, her amazing grace carried her through life". She loved the Lord and was not ashamed to let the world know." -Jackie Ealom, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma July 21, 2013

"Watched my copy, great DVD. It's such a positive side of a great women." - Julie Kildery, July 12, 2013 Australia

"Quencie, I was sooooo impressed with the Whitney DVD. It was amazing! I loved the footage that you had of Whitney sharing and singing. A lot of it was footage of her that I have never seen. I'm so proud of you! You did an excellent job! God Bless and Love You" -Lori Wallace, Springfield,IL July 11, 2013

"Watched the video today and LOVE IT!! It showed the real side of Whitney. She was truly anointed and a gift from God." -Keisha, July 7, 2013 McMillon, Texas

"I've already ordered one copy of "For The Love Of Whitney." Nd I received it last week, nd now tonight I just ordered a second copy of (Her) DVD. Nd I should be receiving it maybe next weekin the mail.....I really & truly "DO," love this DVD. "AWESOME." - Sharon Small, Jersey City, NJ July 7, 2013

"I have 2 of Whitney Houston's DVD's Nd I must say that "I LOVE IT," So Much. It Is "AWESOME." To Watch, Nd Have In UR Possession. Please everyone who Loves, & Are A Fan Of Our Whitney, Again please purchase a copy of this DVD."-Sharon Small, Jersey City, NJ

"Darling Studio Q tells the truth in your documentary.. Thanks u for this great dvd" -Alexandra Francois, June 20, 2013, Corbeny, France

"So thankful for this Special letter to Whitney [The Documentary]......just got it in the mail. So grateful......" - Christina Jordan, June 16, 2013

"I got my DVD!! I love it! Thank you SO much! I want to laugh and cry and be in awe all at once. A great tribute to the real Whitney Houston." -Polly Jones, Austin, Texas, June 12, 2013

"Ya'll got me crying watching this video! Amazing! So proud of you two! It is lovely and how the story should be told. The girls love it too." -Kizzi Thompson Northridge,CA, June 11, 2013

"I love this, you guys did an awesome job. I am so glad to be able to back this project, and hope you sell a ton of copies of it. EVERYONE should have this DVD in their collection. Thanks again for taking on this project and doing such a good job at it."All I can say is if you don't have this DVD already, get it!!!" -Pam Elder Columbus, Ohio, June 11, 2013

"So I am watching the video right now and I must say that you have done a masterful job with this project!!!! It is obvious that this project has had a profound effect on you and it shows in the work! All I can say is AMAZING!!!" -Roderick Jordan, Long beach, CA June 7, 2013

"This dvd is a must-have for any Whitney fan. Fan made, unauthorized but a beautifully done tribute to Whitney - better than ANY of the ones sold at Amazon." -Whitney Houston Collectibles, July 14, 2013

"This in my opinion is the best Whitney documentary there is. You can actually feel the love from her peers. Many things about Whitney that we haven't seen or heard included. It will make you happy to see our Diva celebrated in such a light."- Whitney World-A Whitney Houston Fan Page"Quencie, You out did yourself! AWESOME!!!!" -Alan, #Twitter

"Wow!!!! I just watched the DVD and was blown away!! I laughed throughout and damn near cried at the end. The salutation clip from her touched me the most because even though it was filmed years ago, I know that's truly how she felt. It was so great to hear all the positivity from her friends and fans in the industry was so inspiring. I thank you and Tam for doing this documentary and putting in the time, money, energy, and most importantly the LOVE into this project and sharing it with the rest of us! I agree wholeheartedly with DeVon that I just want her to be known for her triumphs and not her tribulations because she was so much more than all of that. She was also more than just a singer and actress to people like you and me. She was an inspiration to all walks of life and this documentary shows that! I will always treasure this DVD! We miss you Nippy!"

Madi Jayne ParetiJune

June 11, 2013

Cape Girardeau, MO

"A MUST HAVE FOR ANY WHITNEY HOUSTON FAN!!! I GOT MINE AND IT'S MIND BLOWING! Executive produced by Quencie Thomas, Tam Anderson & EMMANUAL LEWIS. s p r e a d t h e w o r d! Celebrities talking about, reminiscing about, sharing personal stories about, getting emotional about NIPPY & singing their favorite songs from THE VOICE. It's the best thing I've seen on her period (ever)! The fact that the producers really KNEW Whitney personally gives this documentary a very special uniqueness. One of excitement... one of sadness... but at the same time one of victory and of legacy and magic... all of the things that Whitney's gift brought to us. I have been a Whitney Houston fan since 1984 (before her first album) and I stand by my endorsement ... This IS a MUST HAVE Documentary about the VOICE, woman, beauty, poise, charisma, energy & love for communication through music that captivated us all."THIS WILL BE THE BEST PROJECT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN." "Your work washed out all that ugliness the media has put in peoples head. I tell ya, I can't get enough of that video.

Abduel Hall

June 12, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

DVD Reviews.

We originally made this unauthorized DVD exclusively for our Kickstarter Backers for "FREE" for supporting our efforts to honor Whitney in a positive way.  Due to a HIGH-DEMAND from fellow Whitney fans, we have made this personal, fan video available to you.  Read reviews from Twitter, Facebook, and Emails from around the world about the "For The Love of Whitney" video below. 

"For The Love of Whitney" Trailer